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A. Alliance carries all packing supplies and materials needed for any type of move and we can deliver them to you free of charge. Our expert packers can handle the task of packing your valuables as well. Whether you are moving locally or across the country our packers will use all their skills to pack and wrap your items so they arrive safely at the new destination.

Cost (new)Item Cost (new)
Tape $3.00 KQ Mattress Ctn
$20.00 (2 piece)
Packing Paper$1.00/poundFull Mattress Ctn$15.00
1.5 Carton$1.75 Twin Mattress Ctn$12.00
3.0 Carton$2.50 King Mattress Bag$7.00
4.5 Carton$3.00King Mattress Bag
(box spring)
6.0 Carton$3.50 Queen Mattress Bag$6.00
Dishpack$6.50 Twin Mattress Bag$5.50
Mirror$7.50 Stretch Wrap$30/roll
Wardrobe$15.00 Paper Pads$3.00


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